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POX Screening Decision Tool

Online Learning Module

Welcome to the Pulse Oximetry Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease online learning module. This course will provide an overview of CCHD and discuss the importance of screening all newborns with pulse oximetry. This online learning module is designed to be used by all health care providers involved with screening newborns for CCHD, including doctors, nurses, midwives and all other healthcare professionals. This course is divided into 7 sections. While many will choose to go through these sections in consecutive order, the sections can also be viewed in any order you choose. It is also possible to just look at one section only, if you are looking back for reference or review.

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Introduction to the online learning module.

What is CCHD?

Review of the basic anatomy and physiology of CCHD.

Who is Affected by CCHD?

Epidemiology of CCHD and what it means for babies born in Wisconsin.

How is CCHD Diagnosed?

Review of current strategies for diagnosing CCHD in newborns.

Pulse Ox and CCHD

Overview of the role of pulse oximetry in diagnosing CCHD.

Screening for CCHD

Describes how pulse oximetry can be used to screen newborns for CCHD.

What to do with a Failed Screen

Outlines appropriate actions and next steps when a baby fails CCHD screening.